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Mk47, is a South African drill/hip hop artist and record producer. He is also a member of the group Don't Play Mob, which is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Mk47 was born in South Africa, but he is of Congolese descent.He is known for his hard-hitting beats and aggressive rap style, which has drawn comparisons to the late American rapper King Von. He often raps about the realities of street life and the struggles that come with it. Mk47's career in music began in 2016 when he started producing beats for his friends. He later transitioned to rapping himself and quickly gained a following for his raw and authentic style. He has since released several successful singles and collaborated with other notable South African artists. Mk47's rise in the South African music scene has been met with widespread acclaim, and he is widely regarded as one of the country's most promising young artists. His unique sound and undeniable energy have earned him a dedicated fanbase.

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Imma float like butterfly and sting like a bee

Imma float like butterfly and sting like a bee

Mk47 Buoy
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